BrassiousMonk - Pop [Interlude]

NC hosts a multitude of talented artists; one's that explore art beyond conventional means. They come from all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and mediums. This song is an ode to them, to us, our struggles AND our triumphs; OUR journey of discovery and recognition. Don't worry NC creatives...cause "WE gon get this money".

Directed by: BrassiousMonk and Justin Eisner of Part-Time Astronauts Produced by: BrassiousMonk Mixed by: Brian Mixxkidd

Vocals/Monologues by: Hasina, Ebz The Artist, Ace Henderson, 3AMSound, Dare Coulter, Seph.Dot, Brian MixxKidd

BrassiousMonk - Keepah

no this is not a joke…

know this is not a game…

you see we not the same…


BrassiousMonk ::: HeavyCoat

BrassiousMonk :: LiteUltraViolet